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'Revolutionary' CO2 maps zoom in on greenhouse gas sources Answered

Researchers now have a better view of where carbon dioxide is being emitted thanks to Vulcan, a research project led by Kevin Gurney, an assistant professor at Purdue. This map shows where CO2 is being emitted in the continental United States in 10-kilometer grids and combines data from sources including factories, automobiles on highways and power plants. The map offers more than 100 times the detail of previous inventories of carbon dioxide. The image displays metric tons of carbon per year per grid in a logarithmic base-10 scale.

more at Physorg


When will a map come out for china? LOL the country would just be one big patch of red!!!



10 years ago

Cool Al Gore would have a field day on this one. Looking at Michigan (where I live) it's not surprising that Detroit is red. Do you have a better graphic maybe a more zoomed in one?

Well, it seemed to only show data from about March '02 to August '02... so it should not be used to show climate change ;p

No it should not, but still its amazing to see the movement of CO2 isn't it?