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Rewiring christmas lights that have 3 wires? Answered

I basically want to do something like this:

Where I can rewire just one strip on 15 or so to make a line that can be run by batteries.



Look further down the page for instruction on re-wiring the lights.

The difference between what he's showing and I need to do is that the Christmas lights that I'm trying to rewire have 3 wires that wire the lights together, nit just 2.

How long is the string?

All old time Christmas lights work the same. The lights are wired in series. Each individual bulb only needs about 2VAC to light. So you string 50 of those bulbs together and you can connect them to a 110VAC outlet. In your case i'm guessing you have 100 bulbs on your string. Your string is likely set up with 2 sets of 50 wired in series. 1 wire is your common return for both strings and then the other 2 wires will each have 50 lights on it. So cut the cord and separate the 2 sets of 50. Then follow the link.