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Roboball robot Answered

I want to build a roboball bot out of a NXT set and $30. I have no clue how to start. I can build a base. But tracking and other things are getting in my way. Any ideas?


I have found out what I need. I have everything. Now i have to design.

Do you mean the "game" Roboball ?

No, there is a "sport" where people enter robots that bump a special ball into goals. Sort of like soccer, accept with robots.

Oh ok, I was not familiar with that. Do you have a link to a site I could go to, to get a better idea of what you mean ?

Welcome. If you have the kit, it is sorta like the tribot.

A kit ? I don't see it at the site.

Go to Lego.com and find mindstorms. NXT is 2nd generation of robots.

yes, It is an advanced kit for robotics that uses legos for structure.