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Robot Competitions? Answered

I'm thinking about building a battlebot (ant/beetle weight)but I'm not sure if there are any competitions near me.

I live near the San Francisco Bay area, if you know any competitions please tell me!!!

 The date right now is June 16, 2012


You might want to check the RoboGames website for links to upcoming events... They just had an International competition (like the Olympics for robots) back in April in San Francisco. Unfortunately you missed that, but they may have info to other events. ;-)


I looked there, but sadly, they dont have any competitions but robogames, thats once a year.

If there aren't any, start one - that's the kind of thing that you could run in your garage or at school.

I would, but I dont think my dad would let me :(

You could ask - the worst he could do is say "no", and the best he could do is say "yes", and then help you organise the event.

Otherwise, ask at school - there's bound to be at least one shop or science teacher who would be willing to help.

Actually, i did ask him, he said he would like to an actual competion first. Also, i think I have an idea for a teacher, he thinks im amazing, I got 109% in his class :P