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Robot Hall of Fame - UPDATE: nominate your own! Answered

New Scientist magazine have updated their Robot Hall of fame - a mixture of real and fictional robots, eighteen in all, that have "marked or inspired technical breakthroughs in the field."

My favourites in the gallery are Huey, Dewey, and Louie - not only are they the first robotic farmers, they got more genuine emotion onto the screen with a few clicks and wheezes than the whole mechanical cast of Star Wars.

Of course, we'd have liked to have seen our own Robot up there, but are there any other robots you think should have been included? Why?


If your favourite is missing, you can nominate one (thanks to Lemonie, indirectly, for the link).


UM, where are the Daleks? Hmm? Cybermen? HMMMM????? They're not there! They're the single most important robots in history!

Strictly speaking, they're not robots. K9 would count... L

Daleks are in robots. Like a massive wheelchair with a laser and a toilet plunger attached.

I know what Daleks are, like robots they may be, but they have a biological entity at the controls: cyborg.


If we're going to be picky, Daleks are not cyborgs, but complete organisms encased in survival suits (remember their origins?).

OK, I won't dispute that. But as they are machine-defendant(?) they are less operators of machinery and more bio-mechanical entities? L

Probably now.

They started as survivors of a global war, needing the suits to survive the radiation. In the latest series, they are made creatures, built from the tissues of other animals (even humans).

Not total-robots though. ? L

Yes thankyou. Either of those links fit the description. L

Ok, of the two I looked for, only one was included: Gort. So, where's Robbie?


Oh, was he listed among the 18 at the original link? I missed that somehow...

Bender, obviously. L

(Please don't mess with my head while I'm half-asleep, I must have spent an hour semi-conscious this morning being plagued by your prank...) L

. R. Daneel Olivaw, of course!
. Silent Running probably seems pretty cheesy nowadays, but I thought it was a great movie when it was released.
. Roomba made the list but not Robot!?!? Bah! <wanders off, mumbling obscenities under my breath>