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Robot T-shirts are Awesome! Answered

We just got the test shirts back from the printer and ran outside to take some snapshots- aren't they awesome? The women's shirts are navy blue, the regular/men's shirts are steel blue. The rest of the batch should be in shortly, and we'll be mailing them out to the Valentine's contest winners ASAP. Thanks for the patience- I hope they're worth the wait!


oh my mum wont let me have one because they are too dear

im pretty sure people have made these with computer made iron ons

I want one so bad!! Added to the contest a good instructable, I really hope to win!!! Will send so Canada?

Have they been shipped yet? No hurry, but the curiosity is killing my cat.

Oooh, I really like. I think I needs one.


11 years ago

I figured there would be robot shirts soon.
That's a photograph, right? ;-)

Yes, Marcos, of course it is a photograph. In your picture you seem to be leaking oil.  I am concerned - do you have a good mechanic?

I have a great mechanic, York's Motorwerks in Walnut Creek, M-B specialists. ;-) That's lava, and fresh, clean seawater. Ah to be there now...

It looks to me like a photograph of a T-shirt with a photograph of the robot printed on it. Maybe Robot will confirm?

I'm surprised, printing photographs on t-shirts doesn't usually work so well.

NOOOOOOO! Can I trade in my muffiny leatherman of goodness for one of these?!... on second thought, maybe I'll just try really hard to get one in the next contest...

They are seriously nice. Kitewife wants to know if they'll be available in kids' sizes. (I have a six-year-old that consumes corrugated card and stickytape at a horrifying rate).

Yeah, I was thinking we would do a run with the aa raglan shirts.


That kid looks so 'bad ass' I want him...

he could be my body guard, I would pay him with hot wheels and candy.

(I'm still getting used to the time difference - it's 10:15pm on the 4th here.)

Could these possibly go onto the Instructables store?

Those are awesome. I really want to win a competition now! Start thinking Brenn, start thinking!!! -Brennn10

Yes! Yay for the Robot! Does it have a name, or is it simply The Instructables Robot? Now you need a shirt with the Hand on it...

These are great..I'm kind of famous for my "weird" shirts. I'll have to earn one of these to add to my collection.