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The Robot Movie Answered

The Robot Movie A timeless coming of age tale about murder, romance, danger, mystery, war, intrigue, accents, choreography, and dramatic shots by the water. Starring myself (Tetranitrate) and The Robot. Coming soon to an Instructable near you.


With a 3d set and a 2d character, it'll be a sort of back-to-front Paddington Bear show...


Paddington bot sounds appealing though... marmalade ICs none of that new fangled marmite rubbish I've been seeing.

I know but it's still not nice to see... It would be like a lime green bagpuss...

Yall peoples from over deh pond sure do talks funny. I just looked up bagpuss, on wiki ... what a ripoff of the Cheshire cat. Well I guess it is not a complete ripoff. While the Cheshire cat looks like he is spaced out on acid all the time, bagpuss looks like Cheshire's depressed morbidly obese alcoholic father, who is just one fat-cat joke away from suicide.


You need to watch Bagpuss, though - see how important those mice are.

(Professor Yaffel was an early career influence...)

Generally, if anybody can get hold of Oliver Postgate's autobiography (wiki link) , it's a really interesting read - he invented and built a lot of the equipment they used to make the Smallfilms animations.

(Did you know that the Clangers actually swore??)

Are the mice the ones that finally push him over the edge? But seriously, I'm torrenting the series right now. Its kinda creepy from the youtube preview I checked it out, but I will give it a few episode chance before I judge it.

(Did you know that the Clangers actually swore??) Or they "Dropped a Clanger!"

Well I say different... bagpuss and the cheshire cat are very different, the'r similar appearances has much more to do with the unchecked cross breeding of amusingly coloured animals...

Awesome! That's the same wooden robot water-wood thingymajig I took pictures with when I was at the HQ. Images/ Slideshow will be up soon.

What time were you at the tower? I must have missed you by just a couple of hours or so, because I showed up a little after noon that Sunday.

Are we talking about something like Brokeback Robot, not that there's anything wrong with that... Do you have the announcer guy lined up to do the voiceover for your trailer?

he's next to a cannon.... we can only expect an action filled CGI movie:

I-Robot (triple pun- 1) Ible robot 2) Hes a robot 3) sounds cool)

Hes gonna fight his nemesis.....

Aw, I wanted to make one!

Cool! Looking forward to seeing it!

I can't wait! Is there going to be an N64 game?

I cannot wait!

Well titled, I must say. I look forward to it!