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Roll over ads with sound Answered

The "roll over "ads that have talking messages and sound are most annoying. So bad, they will cover an area I want to click. Some of them won't close until they have there say.  I was so turned off that I closed the page and left. I hope instructables will see the negative effect these have and put an end to it. Two of them popped up at the "6 cent throwie" and at the "contact us" page. I believe one was titled Hangover Days and some other concerning Microsoft.


Rather than using adblock, the most beneficial way (to the site) of cutting down the ads is to turn pro.

Works for me.


8 years ago

 I really wish they would go away, they ruin the site. But using Adblock prevents the site from getting money. Try only targeting the provider that has those ads to make sure Instructables gets the money it needs to keep itself running.

I understand instructables gets money for running ads and that's alright. But ads that are annoying to the point of pushing their way on you, talking to you and block viewing is just plain wrong.  I should have the choice of clicking on an ad if I wish to. Some ads I have clicked on and found some benefit. That was my choice. The demand for ad blocking programs such as adblock plus tells you the public don't like it.

 I know some of the ads are annoying. When you find one though, go into blockable items and find the source of it. That way instead of blocking all ads you just block the annoying ones. Usually the annoying ones come from the same provider so just one or two blocks should cover it.

"Hangover days" actually was malformed and in its non-expanded state covered some of the top part, including the "Community-forums" part.  All the expanding ads ticked me off so much, I installed adblock plus. 

Sorry ibles, you may need the money, but those ads are annoying.  And it works on Youtube and other sites with ads.

Just discovered adblock plus (free firefox add-on) with subscription list, will stop them cold. Now I can go back to instructables without being annoyed.