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Rolling hank into a centre-pull ball? Answered

Somewhere I was told I could roll a hank into a centre-pull ball by just leaving the starting end out and accessible, but when I try that the yarn seems to catch on something and won't really pull out the way it needs to. Is there a trick to how you roll the ball to make it work?

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bekathwiaBest Answer (author)2017-02-07

That wo7uld be me, answering your previous question on the Knitting Glossary page. The first clump of yarn will probably come out of the ball together, then after that unwind more smoothly from the middle. Here're a few tutorials:



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dragon fllyer (author)bekathwia2017-03-29

Doubly thanks! Sorry to be a pain; I'm feeling a bit less overwhelmed, and I think I get it now. Also am delighted to have discovered nostepinnes, which I'm looking forward to experimenting with...!

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