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Rotating stacking mechanism Answered

Hello everyone

I'm working on this project for school but got a problem with the final part. The thing is, we want to have the big panels rotate so they get stacked. Every panel needs to stop a the exact place.

Anybody has a idea for this system? It will be run by an electric motor.

Thanks Everyboy

I have include 2 photos that show what should be happening. Also a zip with the solidworks parts and assembly with mates

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steveastrouk (author)2018-02-27

Top petal is connected to a motor drive, on its bottom edge is a peg that engages the next petal down. All petals apart from the top one are identical. As the top petal spins, the peg twists the petal next down, etc.

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JonasV32 (author)steveastrouk2018-02-27

Thanks for the idea! Will try it out tonight

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