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Rougham Kite Festival 2008 - PHOTOS Answered

Single-line, stunt and power kites, plus giant inflatables that need small trucks to anchor them.

Artistic displays, stunt shows. Kites to try, kites to buy, kites to make.

A high-altitude licence (UK law normally restricts kites to around 60 metres - the festival gets special permission to fly to hundreds of metres) and a real-ale tent.

What more could you need? Even the long-term forecast is promising (as opposed to the year before last, when one of the trilobites broke free and landed several villages away).

I plan to be there (wearing a Robot tee) do you?


EDIT: I took a few photos - I put 84 of them on Flickr



10 years ago

Ahh! you're living up to your moniker. xD

That's why I took it - when I first got net-active, my main hobby was making paper kites.

It's raining right now (Saturday), but the forecast for Sunday is brighter, so we're going them (which is fortunate, since I've made a paper Cody to take and fly).

Oh, and I've just found my pile of Instructables stickers - if you go, and some frenzied loon gives you an Instructables sticker, that was me!

And why didn't you stop and say "hello"?

I have a notion that it was this festival that my dad dropped parachutists over one year and they landed on the motorway, however I may be mistaken...

Since there isn't a motorway for quite a few miles, you may be mistaken.

Or your dad needs a new map.

Heh it was years ago, but I may have the place name wrong it was a kite festival though...