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Royal Enfield Bullet 350 pickup problem? Answered

My 1975 model 350cc STD Bullet is literally struggling to cross above 60KM speed. 13000 KMs done after restoration and never allowed me to cross above 70KM speed.Using MIKARB and suspecting that one. But I would like to know whether there are any other reason could cause this problem. Machanic saying noyhing to worry about the engine related components. So please guide me with all possible causes to start a complete investigation.


Thanks for your replies...

This week end I'm going to clean the carb and replace the air filter and adjust the timing. And also will investigate the fuel line as well. I will post update on Monday after doing these.

Have a nice weekend.

Also check for dents, bends and kinks in the metal fuel line tubing. I had a VW rabbit that developed a problem from this. A piece of junk from in the tank went down the line until it hit a dent in the line that had flattened it quite a bit. The junk stuck there and the car couldn't go faster than about 30 MPH. Once we eliminated the fuel filter as the problem we put compressed air to the fuel line and heard it pop as it blew the plug back into the tank. Problem was solved.


3 years ago

Maybe bad fuel? A fuel filter that is pulgged or water in the fuel, line, filter of fuel delivery system. Often an engine that is fine mechanically will not be able to achieve top speeds because it cannot get either fuel or air or both. I would start with those systems.

First check your timing, then check the carb is functioning properly. Im not too sure whether those models have the enrichment circuit or not, it provides extra petrol under acceleration.

If those 2 checked out fine then valve clearances are the next spot to check.

I recommend the Pete Snidal enfield manual, he usually frequents the Bulletech forum.