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Roybi drill repair Answered

   I have a  roybi drill  hp1802m drill i used it last year and have been gone for 1 year .  [working good when i left]  Now that i am back it won't work.  I have checked it out and found that it is the switch.  is there any repair to a switch??   all the battarys are good and all the rest of the roybi tools still work good.



Do not repair this drill, as it has been recalled because of a defective switch. Contact Ryobi and they will replace it free with shipping both ways paid for by them. Even if you replaced the switch, it is possible that the replacement switch is a hazard.


8 years ago

Take the switch out and clean all the electrical contacts and retighten, blow out any dust or metal flecks with compressed air and then test.
It that doesn't fix it, replace the switch. You can get a new one here: