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Running a ceiling fan from a battery? Answered

I'm trying to build a large World War II bomb prop that needs to vibrate, for a short film I'm working on.  The building the bomb part I have figured out, but as far as the vibrating I'm trying to power a ceiling fan from some form of standard 'off-the-shelf' battery and have no idea how to start and if this is possible.  Anyone have any ideas about how to do this?


 well   ac is the best way to go but unless you want to spend like 200 bucks on car batteries to power it 

Easier to just use AC and keep the power cord out of frame, if it has to be motorized at all. Easier still to just have someone standing out of frame shaking it.

It the fan runs on 120 volts ac then you'll have to use a car battery and an inverter that will turn the 12 volts dc of the battery into 120 volts ac.  Be forwarned that the inverter is just as dangerous if not more so as the 120 volts ac out of the wall socket.

Or you could find a 12 volt dc motor like an car airconditioner motor of heater motor and switch it for the original ceiling fan motor and run that off a 12 volt car battery.

The inverter would be easier in my opinion.