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SAOG- Semi-Automatic Oodjamaflick Gun Answered

This is a semi-automatic oodjamaflick gun, or SAOG. I say oodjamaflick, but it's not actually oodjamaflicks, just a modified oodjamaflick. To the uninitiated, oodjamaflicks are the original oodammo; ammo that oodalumps' made for rubber band guns four months before oodammo.

Nothing special, just a semi-automatic that gets more than ten feet. Fifteen feet more, to be precise. Total of twenty-five feet. That is, if you want a four round magazine. Here's the thing about this gun, you can have a higher magazine capacity if you are willing to sacrifice some range. You could have a one shot that went about forty feet- but then it wouldn't be semi-automatic, would it?

Hit the link for more pictures and a video.


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Wirestocks are fine DJ. There better in my opinion.

How?  I've made guns with wirestocks before, It does use less parts, but the stocks end up sucking.

How? Wirestocks conform to your shoulder. They also provide shock absorbation.



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It uses less pieces. It makes the gun have a reasonable balance, and I don't really see where you get that they suck. It's a wee bit less sturdy, but not so much that I'd say it sucks. It's still awesome.

They just suck in my opinion.  I used to build wirestocks because I had no other options.