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SEEKING: I need a safe way/fx rig to explode a watermelon on a tv show...? Answered

Hi gang, I'm working on a show and I need to make a live audience believe that their 'telepathic psychic powers' have made a watermelon explode.

I can build a booth with a lexan/plexiglass window so that watermelon doesn't spray the audience, this will also allow me to hide special fx rigs in it. I've done a somewhat similar rig before where I made the watermelon fall unnoticed through a trap door while a nozzle simultaneously sprayed watermelon guts against the plexi (so it looked like it exploded but didn't really). This time I'd really like to make it blow up. 

I have a pyrotech license and have access to some basic explosives, but I think I would prefer to explore compressed air-based explosions.

Anyway, any ideas would be appreciated. Please find a rough sketch attached.

Many thanks! DAZU

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KitemanBest Answer (author)2014-11-15

Very high voltage through the watermelon will make it explode, or maybe you could hide a dry ice bomb inside it?

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FarmerKJS (author)2014-11-18

Do you have accsesses to a air compresser?

How must you trigger this?

What is your budget?

We need to know that stuff before we can help

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Burf (author)2014-11-16

Compressed air. Imbed a tube in the watermelon and give it a blast of compressed from a tank with a quick open valve.

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damianzuch (author)2014-11-16

Hey, that's great. I just youtubed a bunch of videos of people exploding fruit with high voltage capacitors. I'm going to explore this option. Has anyone done this before? Tips and advice???


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