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SImple heads up display circuit? Answered

Hi, i am a sophomore in a small town in eastern Oregon. I need help, a lot of it, in building (from scraps or anything found) the simplest circuit possible to connect a non-webcam camera to an lcd screen from an old cell phone. I have little experience and i know i shouldnt start with this, but dont give me crap for it. I can learn to do things easily but need to build two circuits like this for a helmet i am building. If you people could get me direct help or if there is an engineer floating around i need help. I am planning on becoming an electrical engineer and want to start here. Please either help or point me through the right doors. Thanks. P.S. my budget is kinda low but i can pull it through and ask favors.


The path you want to take won't work. There is no practical way to connect those bits together without an AWFUL amount of design work and research.


That's where your wrong. There is a way. And your no help

I'm pointing out what will become obvious.

Whats the project ? To use an LCD from a phone and a non-web camera to do something, or to make a HUD ?

The first can't be done with those bits - there are no equivalent signal pathways to do it, without very expensive (in one off) bits.

Im trying to make a heads up display. but without displaying info.
and i just said lcd from a phone because i recently re-made my phone

In that case you have a completely different problem, but one which is soluble, possibly by using a kids toy or something. We ARE talking about an over-eye display, through which you can see, and on to which an image is projected arent' we ? The other issue with HUDs like that is largely down to optics and display brightness.


i was thinking of mounting them in a helmet but i cant get those kind of toys here.
and like you said brightness is an issue, maybe lenses.
but i would like to be able to use a homemade circuit, like what the army has on the guns you can look around corners with (cant remember name0

Sorry fir saying you were no help. I think you could actually help me a bit

And I'm willing to do anything.. I have a couple years to get this done