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SLR Lens Bracelets Answered

Bracelets made out of old SLR lenses
obscenely expensive, but easy enough to make yourself


i made 6 bracelets out of one $10 lens i picked up on eBay.

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berekleonard (author)2009-04-20

I'm with you on the optics thought. I have lenses reclaimed from all kinds of torn-apart vintage photo equipment. Have you ever thought about making custom magnifying glasses? Or, mount the lens in a way that an image is projected to the focal point on a coffee table or wall. Just a light source and transparent image.

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caitlinsdad (author)2009-04-11

And I'm sure you could do something with the high quality glass optics from the leftover parts.

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Robb (author)caitlinsdad2009-04-11

i'm certainly not throwing them away. any ideas for them? i think i'll make a necklace out of the aperture assembly.

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