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=SMART= is full of high levels of Epic Win Answered

=Smart= Recently won one of the Instructables competitons. He had alread won a t-shirt, and I had no t-shirt.

We're both good friends, and spend many hours talking as part of the chatroom crew.

He offered to send me the tshirt, which arrived today, complete with decorated envelope, and a custom etched tag.



I am now afraid of you.

Yeah! :-D I got a pm from Eric saying an anonymous user donated a pro account to me. :-O

I want to do this for someone - can you tell me how to do it? Do I write to Eric? How?

Send Eric or Christy a PM. Look at the About link at the bottom of every page, and click on their names to get to their I'ble profiles for PMing.

Thank you, that was easy. I thought he was like a god or something and you had to know him to write to him.

Stuck in one place while passing sailors look up his skirt?

I guess you write to Eric- I feel confident they will find a way to make it happen. :D

The owner of the poverty stricken is pro now...

Wow I didn't know you could donate a pro account! Maybe it was one of the staff and that why it's anonymous.

Me neither! All I know is it was a very kind soul, and I'm very grateful. :)

Hehe, I should be an ungrateful wretch indeed were it not...

Are you saying that Lithium pwns the poor? Hmmmm.....

haha awesome i wonder who it was ? .............


8 years ago

I can't stop laughing at that picture! I don't know why!! XD XD XD

Firstly, you have no need to post this here. Secondly, I did receive the PM, sometimes they take a while to get through. Really, the main reason I can see why you would post it as a comment on one of my most recent and active topics is in order to get some kind of public outing of what happened? Its best you delete the comment, and await my reply to your PM

Mind answering the PM? I really need your opinion on the matter and I think it's only fair that I clear things up with you right now.

I will deal with the matter when I have the time, im very busy sorting out our new house atm. Patience is a virtue my friend.

Ooh, you shoulda told me you were moving! I can certainly wait a little longer if you have such an important matter at hand. True, true.

You get the PM? Good. And no, the reason why I post that here was because sometimes people don't get my PMs, and your OB doesn't work, and the only alternative I have is to post on one of your forum topics. I chose your newest one because I'm not even gonna bother scrolling down to your older topics. I'll delete the comment, but be sure to reply.

I like the picture, great t-shirt I must say!

Um, did you cut yourself shaving? Or maybe those are just rather large blackheads on the right side of your face? ( J/K ) Yeah, I have to get me another one so I don't wear out the one I was given too quickly. :-)

Yeah, because I have not got around to shaving for a while, the hairs make them more obvious. I have never cut myself shaving, and I do wet shave. Non of that electric rubbish. I guess it comes down to the skill of the user.

One of my old electric razors in the past had something accidentally poked through one of the screens in front of the blade, and it would catch me and rip open portions of my face.....I went back to using a blade, it was safer for me :-)

I learned when a bit younger to use a razor and strop" to shave....I am glad I don't have to do THAT anymore ;-)

I was thinking of trying that actually, supposed to be a much closer shave.

It takes quite a bit of practice to NOT remove skin and cut yourself with a straight razor...

Nice one. (I'm surprised we've never seen one on Ebay).

Haha! I'd have sent you my shirt, plus shaken your hand which has shaken that of Eric, but it's a medium :|

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo That is the fastest i've ever seen snail-mail move !