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 I am trying to design a project for homeless people.  I need to attach an inexpensive solar panel to a bag.  The panel would somehow connect to a (cheap) battery, storing energy to power a waterproof LED for use in the dark.  Is this possible?  I have seen waterproof LEDs here.  But how about the solar power to battery to LED part?  I am electrically-challenged, so make this easy, okay?  Thanks a million.


go to the 99 cent store, then go to the eletrical section and look for solar path way light but not all of the stores have them


8 years ago

It is possible for sure. beacause they already exist ;) (see photo). but if you want to make them yourself then buy a good solarpanel so that your batteries are charged quickly and 4white leds (each 0.075W) they should last for hours in 3 AA rechargable batteries.


If you take apart a solar garden light and reconfigure the bits, you'll have everything you need, already connected. If you replace the photocell with a regular old on/off switch, you can even turn it on and off to conserve battery power.

That's a good start, but the light from a solar garden light is barely useful.

Maybe a solar powered spotlight?

Yeah, the spotlight would probably be better in general, but then I'd want to add an option to to run it at half-power (or fewer LEDs, more likely) to conserve battery power, or just in case the full-power spot is too bright.