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SOPMOD items for the knex M4 Answered

this are some pics of the sopmod items i made, so far i have: 1. foregrip 2. grenadelauncher (with special sight) 3. precision sight 4. backup sight the images are: 1: all the items 2: foregrip 3: precision sight 4: grenade launcher 5: on-gun grenade launcher 6: on-gun foregrip 7: on-gun precision sight 8: how you can hold the precision/normal sight on the gun when having the orther one mounted on it. 9: a view trough the precision sight. 10, 11, 12: the grenade launcher sight. 13: with the backup sight on it. 14: a view trough the backup sight. 15: the sight when being put up. 16: the sight when being put down. i still need to make the supressor, and then i'm going on to non-sopmod extras



put the flash on

then they would be overlighted, i'll make new pics this evening ;) alty

they couldn't be made because of some homework, hopefully will be up tonight :)

sorry to rush you but can you post it soon like this week

maybe this weekand, but i promise nothing, still working on a design for the supressor, then i'm going to post it :)

what is a supressor can you show me a pic of one

supressor is a silencer, it "suppreses" sound so its more silent, but in this case it wount do anything because its a knex gun, just looks kool

forgive me *laughs* still haven't got it, but pribably wont take much more time !

a=you still havent answerd my question, does it fire?????????????????????????????


11 years ago


oh and by the way u have clipped the cartridge in wrong =/ im so happy people are inspired by my gun to make it fire

i think i should do more of these things to keep people busy working the things out thereselves from a idea

haha. lol. Dont count on it, people get tired of it. Next time can you make a mp5 or maybe MAYBE a FNp90.

if you can make a real p90 mag out of knex, your a god, it has got a bullet turner, wich automaticly turns the bullet 90 degrees :P alty

haha. the bullet turner prob wont happen, but it could fire a 2 shot burst, the mag would be like dannys mag but thered be white rods faceing up and it would have a ram in it. im sure you can make a p90 mag.

nice. but does it still fire? i like the gernade launcher(crap that was one of my attachments). and the forgrip looks like a little small. nice work.

added the backup sight

post it please ASAP

post soon but on the gernade launcher how do you keep it cocked

the rubber bands should go on top only, and pull the pin to the barrel, causing the white circle to act as a pivot, and the lower half will go under the "hole" and then if you hold the magazine with your hand like when using it in real life, you just push the ram dow a bit and it will fire the grenade, i made the grenade, but haven't posted it yet, the probably will be up tomorrownight, but i promise nothing. alty