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SPAM Answered

SPAM... NO! not ham in a can......
Its that stuff that fills your inbox and drives you crazy.....

So somebodyscrew that, I will tell you who he is..... His name is FON LAMB (well thats his spaming name) I have researched this character and several people have been scammed by him. Anyways is trying to tell me there going to give me half of 15 MILLION..... Dose it sound to good to be true ?? Yeah it is. Google the words "FON LAMB" and the first result you get is from a place called ANTI-SPAM INTERNATIONAL....... anyways this guy keeps filling my inbox with this CRAP and its driving me crazy. Hes even trying to hide under a faith.

Changing my e-mail is not an option.....
should I post his email address so we can all go and sell it ?? or is that just too mean ???



4 years ago


im trying to find where i can get the word filter controls thingy to not hide this, even though it has the word spam in it.

what would i do. first try and get my email (yahoo etc ) to recognise his stuff as spam,
2nd dont reply to any of it, im sure the spammers communicate and swap email addresses of those considered ripe for winding up.

is there any clue to a real world location ,if its affecting your quality of life you could try the law , harrassment/ online bullying that sort of thing.




10 years ago

send him a virus and spam him back

my computer is full of them....sadly

This guy excpected me to fly to europe.... So I said no YOU SEND ME THE MONEY with western union or interact email transfer..... He hasnt sent me another email

After carelessly signing up for a promo, but spam box frequently becomes clogged with spam emails. I am glad they make it into the spam bin (Thanks Yahoo), but it is sometimes a pain to empty it every 3 hours. Try to "unsubscribe" to as many offers as you can. It will reduce the amount of spam emails by a slight margin.

. Do NOT unsubscribe (or respond in any other way) to any e-mail you didn't sign up for. This will only verify that your address is valid.

I haven't been typing my address in lately, and some of the spam has died down. Yahoo Spam catcher does a great job.

It's a great book... I ended up getting sucked in and reading it over one night...

Find out his real email, I'm up for going to war with someone, last tiem I did this I did a trick similar to that in little brother, except far worse, with messages that linked to porn, billing their phone, all the evils I could htink of, subscription links, meaning they ended up paying £1200 on their phone that month, that is how you get revenge...

You send them messages that are links to the mobile paysites or you use a internet text service that allows you to have a fake number to return with, then you just text a few dozen of the subscription services...

Thats exactly what i wanted to do... He seriously gave you his phone number ??? LOL make the scammer go into debt.......

No not a spammer, some creep, wanted money and didn't bar his number that one time, so I spammed him with some eamil to phone things...

What drama for nothing. I'd suggest you just "block sender" or Define a filter. Problem solved.

Depending on your email provider, you should be able to report spam/phishing. I know for a fact that hotmail and gmail both have these options. Report all emails from him right away. You email may automatically start detecting them, and send his emails straight to your trash/spam box. Look through your settings and see if you can block his account manually, if not, send the provider an email about it.

Ohh come on I wanna play with the guy a bit..... hell just move on and start scamming someone else......

Like it's his real address...

. I have my own mail server (provided by Webstrike Solutions), so I give a unique address to everyone. Eg, for you, it would be littlechef37@my.domain. If I start getting SPAM at that address, I just set it to delete all incoming.

Getting back at scammers is called scambaiting. Google it, you may find some interesting solutions.