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SPRING BIKE CONTEST, 30$ gift card? Answered

Hi, A while ago I entered my project into the SPRING BIKE COMPETITION and won runner up.

Also a while ago, while I was out on vacation, my dad received a package with a purple instructable T shirt, a patch, and 3 "business cards?".

I have yet to find the 30 dollar gift card. :(

I was wondering if the gift card was electronic or was it misplaced by us, I have no clue.

Thanks for your help!

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StumpChunkman (author)2011-08-17

A lot of the prizes we give out come from two different sources. The "business cards" should be stickers, but what you received in the mail is the instructables "prize pack". For that contest, that was our portion of the prize.

I'll look into how the REI gift cards were shipped out. It could have been an email or a card in the regular mail from them. Give me a day to look into it and I can try to track down exactly what happened to it.

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husamwadi (author)StumpChunkman2011-08-27

thanks, but apparently it was more than me who didn't receive the 30$

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bajablue (author)StumpChunkman2011-08-22

Those are business cards are stickers?

lol.... I got a passle of them with my prize package, too.

Now I carry them around when I'm wearing my Instructables Tshirt in town. If someone comments on the Tshirt, they get a sticker along with a song and dance extolling this fabulous community!

ok... I don't really sing and dance... but I do tell everyone how great this place it. ;-)

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ben_k (author)StumpChunkman2011-08-22

I also never got my prize for the spring bike contest. I received shipping confirmation from instructables, but nothing ever arrived.

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