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SSTC using microwave oven inverter? Answered

I recently obtained a microwave oven inverter and I've been doing a lot of research trying to figure out how to power it. The microwave I found came with schematics and a decoder for the button membrane so I am able to operate the main control board and the MICOM board outside of the unit (with slight modifications) but I have yet to test the inverter in fear of blowing it up. Currently my question is can I build a 555 PWM to cheat the CPU or bypass it completely? if not then I suppose I could use the microwaves original circuitry to do so but I'd like to build a nice solid state tesla coil with it if possible. 

Instructables is being retarded and wont let me add notes to my pictures 
image one - Main control board to the left, MICOM control board in the middle, Iverter on the right
image two - Slight modifications to power the board outside of the microwave
image three - Used decoding chart to operate main circuit without button assembly
image four and five - Showing the output of the MICOM board going to the CPU on the inverter and settings of Oscope (channel A)


Your picks don’t give many answers.

First what you call the main board.

Unless the board has buttons on the back it is a VFD module or Vacuum Fluorescent Display module.

It really doesn’t do anything but show you what the microwave is doing and tell time, it is just a display.

Beyond that there are what three wires to the inverter I can’t quite tell, a green a white and a black.

Being able to see the wiring diagram would help.

Without having the wiring diagram I would say just connect the inverter to power to make a SSTC.

A full schematic of the inverter and control circuit board would be best.


The display board is supposed to have buttons but I removed them and I use the decoder to operate it directly off the board. The three wires going to the inverter are wht, bwn, blu. All i know is brown is 0v. Im currently just looking for a way to cheat the CPU but this is the only schematic given on these boards. (opto couplers on the bottom right are the data signal in/out)

Panasonic inverter circuit 001.jpg

OK check the voltages and the current direction on these 5 wires The current should be in the same direction as the arrow.

The blue arrow should be the signal wire.

The green arrows should be the same voltage.

The red arrows should be feedback signal.

You should be able to reduce your micro wave circuits to this.

Place a switch where I marked it power switch.

And a timer circuit where I marked signal circuit.

After that you should be able to just flick a switch and use this as microwave cannon with the magnetron.

Replace the magnetron with a couple wires and you have a Jacobs’s ladder.

Or replace the magnetron with a Tesla Coil.



Thanks a lot for that, unfortunately theres a slight difference in the board I have, theres either one more or one less pin in the control circuit and they are unlabeled. I have gotten the board to turn on with the original circuitry and Ive even drawn arcs with it but after a few seconds it shuts down, Im pretty sure its sensing the lack of power consumed buy the fan, motor, lamps, and magnetron.

It most likely is sensing the missing draw that is why you pull the control board and replace it with a switch and a signal generator.