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SULKY / Cart Plans wants? Answered

 Has anyone made or got plans for making a small light woeght sulky / cart?

hoping to make one for two dogs to pull
added a photo of something like what I want   


Try searching.

The search box in the upper right corner of the page.
Maybe Google?

for one mad minute i thought you were being helpful

seems you are just a moron

obviously i did a search here

so if you can see methign i cant in this site pelease point it out
and i will apologise otherwise go buy a brain cell

http://sweetjuniperwoodcraft.blogspot.com/2010/04/how-to-build-your-own-easy-dirt-cheap.html has a design.

It is not like yours, but it will work as a good dog cart.

Also, here is someone who was looking for something simnialr to you - the comments and other links might be helpful to you: http://tnttt.com/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=43784

I agree those people could have been more pleasant. The "Be Nice Policy" must not have been working.

Look, people aren't just holding on to plans for stuff. If they have built it, they have posted it.

That picture is pretty clear. I see two pieces of bike frame, some tubing, a seat, and a harness, but maybe I'm just to brain dead and unhelpful, oh yeah and moronic, and I'm seeing things.

30 seconds on Google: http://www.chalosulky.com/
full sulkies for sale, sulky parts for sale, and lots of pictures of sulkies to help you design your own.

15 more seconds: http://bit.ly/HW4FcR
At least two results with instructions and several more results with your exact question that have been answered with lots of links to sites with instructions.

i found ots of pretty pitures

i want to know where to get balance point
this i cannot find looking at pretty pictures and videoa

Right, to find that you have to do design work, specifically calculating the moments about the wheels common axis. This will be specific to your weight and the weight of your dog(s). No one here will design your project for you. We can help but you have to ask the right questions. (i.e. "how do I find the balance point of a sulky?" not "Can anyone design a sulky for me?")

never asked for anyone to design one just asked if anyone HAD made one and had a design plan

To be fair, I had a look, and there isn't a specific 'sulky' cart set of plans on this site, let along anywhere I looked.


as per your picture - if you're capable of making a cart, then you probably have the tools to weld/bend metal -- a couple bicycle forks, some tubing, and a seat and you're set. I'd go with the 'do what looks okay and feels comfortable' design method.

There ARE several plans for carts on the site, just none that are sulky shaped by default.