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Safe adhesive/sealant for coating flash drives? Answered

I've sen a few Instructables on modding your USB flash drives, and was plan on modding one of mine. I've ordered some Bullet Bill toys and have an old flash drive ready to go.

I figure "liquid electrical tape" would be the best option for filling the gaps and sealing the drive into the toy, but are there any safe cheaper options?

I don't know if it's relevant (I know bugger all about electronics), but here's a picture of the flash drive in question:


Hot glue is the most efficient choice.


6 years ago

Try hot glue. If you have a small old crock pot laying around you can melt a pack of glue sticks in it. You can then dunk anything you need to in it.


Hot glue seems to be the medium of choice for many flash drive mods.

I've been told that sugru is non-conductive, and it has a texture of putty. You could use that, or you can use good-ol playdough.


6 years ago

A forever coating is epoxy glue. The black matrix or black stuff that covers IC chips is an epoxy. Make a form out of heavy paper or even better something like a paper milk carton that the epoxy will not stick to. Just mix and pour and set your drive into it.