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Salt and sugar? Answered

I've been making breads for a spell and wondered: What does salt do in a recipe? Could baking soda achieve saltiness if the rising is OK? Is sugars only purpose to give sweetness or does it help dough to rise?

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wold630Best Answer (author)2017-02-17

Salt helps strengthen gluten bonds/strands and enhances the flavor of
flour. Baking soda does have a salty flavor, but I'm not sure how the
end product would turn out with that specific substitution. Please let
us know if you try it!

The purpose of sugar is to sweeten, but if a recipe calls for creaming fat and sugar together it helps with rising also.

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JimG50 (author)wold6302017-02-20

Thank you for the input, I just figured how to reply. Seems I made a loaf of bread and it was "crumbly' and was trying to figure if I didn't use enough salt or if it was due to not enough oil. Thanks again.

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pegduggan (author)wold6302017-02-19

In bread, the sugar helps the yeast "grow" by feeding it - which makes the bread rise.

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