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Salute to a hero. Answered

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Whilst suffering a "once in a thousand years" flood, the town of my birth lost a hero.

Whilst directing drivers away from a bridge threatened by rising waters, the bridge collapsed under the feet of PC Bill Barker.  His body was found later, several miles down the coast.

PC Barker leaves a wife and four children.

BBC Story and associated links.

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lioneatr (author)2009-12-09


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Lithium Rain (author)2009-11-21

Flagged. Go troll somewhere else. What you're doing here is a little bit like barging into a funeral singing drunkenly.

Everybody else, please just ignore him; don't let him detract.

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mg0930mg (author)2009-11-21

I saw that as a moment of silence for him, and you just being a D*** for ruining it.

Thank You.

All prayers go out to this family.

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