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Samsung SGH-L700 wall plug Charger hacking problem Answered

I lost my wall plug charger of my Samsung SGH-L700 cell , so i hack a Sony Ericsson charger that has the right voltage (~5V) and put a  female usb end ,wanting to use the original usb cable of my phone on a wall plug.Unfortunately the phone do not charge although it seems on the screen that it does. Any suggestions??

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orksecurityBest Answer (author)2009-11-27

Also, note that some phones require  that the data connections of the USB connector be configured appropriate before they'll charge from it -- a specific resistance across two pins, or something of that sort -- which appears to have been done solely as a way to convince people to pay a bit more to buy a special cable rather than using a generic USB cable.  I know that's true of Motorola; I don't know about Samsung but if so that would explain what you're seeing.

The various Instructables about cell-phone chargers may provide more details on this. Or websearch.

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memyselfand1 (author)2009-11-28

I got an SGH-L760, and I had to buy a charger for it, but it does exactly the same thing. I plug it in, but the screen just comes up plain white. I pressed the button and it half-loaded, but then the battery ran out, so I plugged it back in, and it hasn't worked since.

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Burf (author)2009-11-27

I would do the following:

1.  Check the battery to ensure it isn't trashed.

2.  Make sure the plug is wired correctly

3.  Check the Sony charger to ensure it is outputting the proper voltage and amperage.

4.  Check the jack on the phone to ensure it isn't broken.

5.  If the above all checks out okay, buy an new Samsung charger.

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corporatezero35 (author)2009-11-27

I would try and find the amperage of the Samsung charger.  It could be that the Sony charger is not pushing enough energy to the phone.  I had a similar problem when trying to charge a palm using a hacked blackberry ac adapter.  The problem was that the standard Palm charger was 1 amp but the blackberry charger was only outputting .5 amp.  It would know the palm was plugged in but it wouldn't charge.  Hope this helps a little.  Keep in mind though I am not by any mean an electronics expert.

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