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Samsung series 9 keys not responding? Answered

I own a samsung series 9 ultrabook and a few days ago some of the keys on the keyboard stopped working.  Almost all of the function keys wont work and several letter keys, as well as backspace, escape, and enter.  I have no idea why this is happening.  The only inkling i might have is that microsoft intelipoint may have installed a weird keyboard driver on my laptop and now it's messed up but i was never notified of a driver update.  I have used a wireless keyboard for the computer for a while now so i don't think it has anything to do with a driver from that.  anyone help please? samsung series 9 3d gen intel core model 900x windows 7 64-bit thanks for your time :)?



Best Answer 4 years ago

Hello! how did you repair it? I'm suffering the same issue.


I sent it in and samsung replaced my motherboard. It was still under the year warranty back then. sorry i cant be much of a help!

OK it helps! Because it is what I am going to do, but first a I need to recover the windows partition to avoid the void warranty due to modifications (actually it uses ubuntu)



5 years ago

The ribbon cable connecting the keyboard to the computer may have come loose and partly unpuggded. You need to look up how to remove the keyboard (usually a simple thing) and check the connections.

If that is nt the problem then likely the board has shorted out and needs to be replaced.