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San Jose 4/25-4/28: Costume Con 26 Answered

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" Costume-Con 26 is a 4-day weekend conference for everyone who designs, makes, wears and/or admires costumes. CC-26 will include a myriad of instructional workshops, panel discussions, displays, a dealers room, costume competitions, get-togethers, parties, and the broadest collection of creativity all focused on costuming that you have ever had the privilege to contact in one place. Nothing starts the creative juices flowing in new paths like the intensive exposure to fresh viewpoints, techniques and enthusiastic dialog. Here, there be passion....."

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westfw (author)2008-04-29

Hah hah. We did good. Even I wore things that were sort of costume-like, and the team of wife/daughter picked up some minor workmanship and presentation awards for "The Calm After the Storm", one of 47 entries in the fantasy and Science Fiction Masquerade. My favorite was "we lost", a sad tail of an Orc and his Warg...

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NachoMahma (author)2008-04-24

. If you need directions, check here. Sorry. Couldn't resist.

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