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Save Instructables in a Folder Answered

I am not sure if this has been suggested before.  I have been a member for years on this site and find the projects fantastic.  I have even built some!  I am always coming across instructables that I want to try and spend a lot of time on the site surfing and coming across great projects. 

I would like to see a feature where we could add an instructable to our own "favourites" list so that we can manage them and go back to them and build them without having to add them to the web-browser favourites.  This way, we can keep a list of those 'ibles that we intend coming back to inside the website.  Perhaps we can even share that list with other users.  Just a thought.



You can do that now! If you're using Firefox, look for the Bookmarks menu option, then select Bookmark This Page and choose the folder you want the page to be stored in. You can create new folders, or even nested folders of folders.

Yes, if you read my original post I said "without having to add them to the web-browser favourites." which is what I do now. My question was answered. It is a Pro option and it also comes with cheese.

Except that the "favorites" list on I'bles is not organized or organizable. The items are listed in the order in which you add them. If you want grouping, then you need to do it yourself.

Good to know..... so in fact the browser bookmarks might be the way to go.... I do tend to group and organize my stuff into sub-folders now. Thanks for the info.

Browser bookmarks are definitely more flexible, but then you're tied to that specific browser on that specific machine (unless you have network-mounted volumes). I guess there are trade offs either way.

There are addons available for Google Chrome, Chromium, Firefox and possibly IE to sync bookmarks and other browser data between computers.

OK. I think I got the answer to my question:

- I can get the Favourites or Favorites functionality by joining as a Pro member.
- All website spelling on this site/sight/syte needs to have all possible English variants, including those of former ungrateful colonial interests.
- Cheese is a touchy subject.

One of the benefits of being "pro" is access to your own Favourites list.

and your own Favorites list too LOL ;-)

According to Kiteman, he has a favourites list, and I have a favorites list LOL

Lemonie just didn't see the humour humor in it.

I saw one of the two in there, but perhaps it wasn't funny enough to apply sarcasm successfully to....?


TRYING to make a funny, kinda failed at it.

There wasn't much to work with... Americans not being able to spell properly is a rather old joke isn't it?


Spelling with extra letters is one way to make sure no one else can learn you language LOL

"no one else"?
No, that's these far-eastern pictogram languages, where even the people who ought to understand it have a hard time learning....


"American English" is like "American Cheese", in that it isn't.

Yes, "no one else" should probably read more accurately,  almost no one else ;-)

If by "american cheese" you mean that white solid stuff....yeah, I agree, but if you mean "made in America" cheese, I have to disagree. I have had some rather lovely Airedale, Brie, Gloucester, Fontina, and a host of great blues, many of which were made right here.  I don't like "most" of our potable potables, but there are again a host of microbroweries that produce flavorful brews. It isnt' that we can't do things correctly, it is that all too many don't care to make the effort (or do you spell that effourt  ;-)  

The point was that the languages are not the same (if very similar), bickering about spelling is only a minor source of amusement, and that's it really.

I had some very nice blue Stilton in a 'burger at the weekend, I must go cheese-shopping...


Yes, it is, and I am not so sure I even entered the arena of "bickering" but maybe teasing a bit ;-)

Ah good, a cheese lover. Far too often I find that so many people latch on to a mild tasting cheese (provalone, boring....), and never really "explore" the richness of flavors they have to offer (not to mention the blood vein clogging properties ;-) .

I even had a go with some Limburger awhile back and although I wouldn't rate it the best tasting cheese in the world, I didn't "hate it".  It was a tad stronger then I am accustomed to however :-)  

Is there a reason it is inverted?

YouTube has an automated system that can detect the content of a video and see if it matches a copyrighted source. If it does the video suddenly is controlled by the owner of the copyright. The system often doesn't detect the copied video if it's been inverted, either vertically or horizontally.

Ah I see...... I suppose one could turn their monitor upsidedown LOL

Hee hee, that's exactly what I did with my netbook. :)