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Sawing MotherBoard PCB's- Inhaling Dangerous Dust Particles? Answered

I have recently salvage a couple MotherBoard PCB's, And I was wondering if I cut them (saw them with a hacksaw) Will they give off a lot of dangerous dust?
I've heard people talk about the fact that it's dangerous, So I was wondering it it really is.

If it is, I thing I'll score the PCB's with a utility knife, Or just throw them away



Best Answer 2 years ago

I have a fan to move smoke and airborn particles away from me when working w fiberglass and Pb solder.

A band saw cut I usually hold my breath, same with sanding. If doing a lot I wear a mask. Where I live it is very dry and particles acquire an electric charge that takes them out of breathing air pretty fast.

So I guess I shouldn't do saw them, I don't have those tools


I use a band saw / disk sander and just hold my breath during a short duration's. A Evacuation fan is good, but Like IcEng said, a simple $1 Dust mask from your local hardware store is your best bet !

Depends on what you want to do with them.
If they are without parts and just to big you can crush them in a steel bin with a long hammer or metal pole.
Big tin snips or sissors work quite well on circuit boards too.