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Say I've got a 12 volt power wheels motor.... Answered

Can I hook it to a power source and use it like an alternator to charge a battery?


not without alot of electronics Alternators are Ac output

If this is a dc motor You can just wire a battery to the Input wires (make sure you have polarity opposite than usual) and when you turn the motor it will charge the battery .

Ok, I'll try this method first since I'm not exactly sure what a diode is. Thanks for your response too!

Yeah, I went to wikipedia first thing. hahaha. Thanks for the help!

What you have would make a dc generator.  ANd you could use it to charge a battery.  You need to add a diode so that you can put current into the battery and not have the generator trying to act as a motor from the power of the battery.    

That makes sense. I was just trying to find a cheaper alternative to buying an alternator. Thanks for the response!

OK, all together now....

"I've got a 12 volt power wheels motor".

Sorry, I tried to stop myself and failed.