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Say thank you to Instructables! Answered


You guys are really amazing! The website, the community, the projects, the people, you are all so awesome!
I want to thank everyone at Instructables HQ and everyone who helps make Instructables such an amazing thing. 
Thank you also so much for shipping the contest prizes to where we stay, It is really appreciated...a lot!

This forum is open to everyone and anyone to express their thanks to Instructables.com in the comments section! Just go ahead and say thank you...

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WUVIE (author)2016-11-05

Great post! I really appreciate all the great things they do, all the changes they are making, and understandably, bugs will take a bit to work out.

(Stands to applaud the crew) THANK YOU!

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Yonatan24 (author)2016-11-02

A "Thank you???" *Gasps in horror*

I thank them by submitting bugs!

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