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Schematic symbols? Answered

I found this schematic in a 1947 manual on vacuum systems and I cant translate the indicated DPDT switch into something I understand. Can anyone sketch a quick pinout for it, preferably indicating what goes where on the schematic. This goes along with my other pirani gauge question.



6 years ago

DPDT 4 U ..................... A


Yep, that's what I think they intended (though I think you may have the plug inverted vs. the original sketch)

Pirani: That's more than one piranha?

Your box, unfortunately, obscures it to some extent. Can you give us a magnified view of just that portion?

What I _think_ I'm seeing is that the center connections (the gauge) can be connected either across the pair of connections on the left or the pair of connections on the right.

It looks as if they were trying to show how a sliding DPDT switch actually operates (which isn't relevant) rather than showing the usual electrical symbols for that switch.That would go along with the attempt to show the physical vacuum enclosure, and with the fact that they show the bridge rectifier as a circle (its case?) rather than as the usual square of diodes.

Click the little i (or L, I'm not sure) in the corner or right here for a larger image.

Keep in mind, this is from 1947 band SteveAstrouk wasn't able to identify it at a glance when I asked him, so I'm grasping at straws here.