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Schrader Valve use with liquid? Answered

I am working on making a compressed liquid system and i need a valve that can take both a bike pump and have liquid put through it...Can a Schrader Valve take a liquid (clean) and then have the bike pump still attached after?


Well we had an adapter for water filling tyres and a schrader valve can have water put through it, along with anything less viscous, not sure about how far you could go with it. It all depends on the liquid, but I can tell you that water and anything thinner will work. Wait, just remembered Goop, the stuff we occasionally used to seal tyres, it's pretty thick stuff and though it took a fair bit of force, partly because it's put in while the tyres under pressure but also because it was thick stuff, going through a schrader valve, it went through fine, just slowly. So yeah as long as the liquid's not massively thick and isn't going to degrade the rubber parts of the valve it should work perfectly fine. Hope that helped...

Yeah come to think of it, you just struck me with an idea. As the other side of the valve (being the tire for example) will not be pressurized or have anything in it, I could take 1 of those cans you buy at the gas staion that you spray into the tire when you get a flat and it fixes itself, and cut off the little adapter to the valve and use that. If the liquid doesnt flow thru cleanly, i think it would be possible to put some sort of a rod into the injection tube to act as a plunger! TY!

Actually any airline that attaches will work if you can adapt it to hose, what kind of liquid are you trying to pump? it may be easier to build most of it using pneumatic components up until the pump, where fittings would be standard for both, making it easier to get stuff. If the liquid won't flow through the valve under normal pressures then a plunger could help but if the normal pressures at all high it'll be taking serious force to use the plunger as an override, at fifty PSI it takes roughly eight stone of weight on the plunger pump we used, which is a lot of effort, however if you're only looking to make a valved system then it'll be fine since you won't be forcing it in against any extra pressure... I do have to wonder what you're making, if it's secretive, PM me...

I would think so. They're cheap enough to test - try "inflating" an inner-tube with water.

Thank you for the reply!

What kind of liquid? Purity and viscosity are going to be the key factors. The valve cap and spring on a Schrader don't provide much clearance for fluid flow.

With a gas, that's fine, but with a liquid (incompressible, you meant "pressurized" above), viscosity can prevent it from getting through.

I just ran a trivial Google search ("Schrader valve liquid system") and came up with several hits. Try it yourself, and you might find your own question answered.

Thank you very much!