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Science In Food Answered

I love creating food its even more fun when science is involved. Anybody have some cool recipes to share?


Science in the "method of cooking" (here is what goes on physically and chemically when an EGG is heated to such and such a temp) or "demonstrating science" through shapes (microbiotic muffins, etc)?

I find this more amusing...


(Aaaa! - language!)

Tis obvious that his brain is just as fried as the egg.....

It makes a person think though; that's your thought, so something was achieved.


Yeah, it made me come to the conclusion that he didn't think it through LOL Sure, kids have a "fun time" with the choking game, until someone dies. The only thoughts it spurs in me is; if you need outside help to have a good time, alcohol or otherwise, you aren't very secure with your own personage ;-) He needs some self esteem :-)

What's a TV? OH that box my wife sits in front of that I pay $80 a month to have in the living room....that I get to see pictures on it every now and then.....

Honestly, I feel pain constantly, all day, but I have no "need" to numb myself from "experiencing" this or any other part of life :-)

Wow. Ive seen car accidents, decapitated limbs due to drugs but no reference to food. I LOVE IT!

Like he says "where's my advert?" - people are extremely reluctant to admit that a person can have a nice-time with drugs.
Alcohol? well that'd be different.


To me "alcohol? no, that isn't any different". :-)

Yes, right, but alcohol is legal and taxed...


Yes, and of course, I do partake of it medicinally (no more then 4-6 oz of wine on any given day); the other "drugs" I am not sure of any "benefits" from them except one's need to not be "present in the world" for a bit. Which is what most people use alcohol for too, but I don't condone that use for myself....I value my brain too much I suppose. It'll get old on it's own, I don't need to dissolve it ahead of time :-)

You say "present in the world", but which world...?
People experience the world differently,* so in effect we don't share a common definitive-world(?)


*with/without chemical-influenes

How about:: unwarped by chemical "alterations" :-P

Really? I've heard "flat as a pancake"; like he/she had gone through a "MixMaster"; cracked like an egg, etc. :-)


6 years ago

Not personally but Heston Blumenthal has some interesting ones. He does things with dry ice and other strange ingredients.
and loads of his videos on youtube.