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Science fair ideas Answered

Please help me think of a science fair topic for my science fair in 7 weeks. I need something that has something related to the environments because that is what is the judge this year is looking for. If you could help me think of an idea it would be great.


I think he is under the impression that you'd get a better score if your teacher thinks you came up with the idea yourself. Funny thing is, if his teacher knew the idea came from another teacher, he would probably be more likely to consider the project as legit...

You're welcome - tell your teacher the idea came from another teacher.

Yeah right! Say it was your own idea Gavabc123! Remember No 1 comes first.

Make sure you include a Contol set; grown at "normal or unaltered from the norm" temperatures (or maybe outside under normal sun).

Some topics I've done in the past: 1. What type of ground do worms prefer? (Gravel *wet/dry*, sand *wet/dry*, leaves *wet/dry*, soil *wet/dry*) (I can explain the process if you're interested). 2. Hovercraft (I have an iBle on it).

Pick a simple crop (say, cress) and grow it at different temperatures.

Voila! How will global warming affect our food supply?