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Science fair project? Answered

Its that time of year when all the science nerds and geeks come to enter the science fair! Now the problem with me (a science geek) is that I have no idea what to do! I really need something to blow the judges minds, so if you have anything awesome please tell me. Happy building!


I entered my schools science fair and made a solar heater.It bagged the 2nd prize

Make a display of several items that disprove evolution. This is the ONE thing that will blow their minds more than any other subject. There are MANY things you could build out of clay or other art objects that will prove your hypothesis. I will give you a couple ideas and you can find plenty more on the internet if you do some research. First, make a clay repleca of a TRILOBITES EYE. Trilobites have several HUNDRED eyes that are very complex and allow them to see in all directions at once. Charles Darwin made a statement once about how the eye is difficult to explain how it evolved. Since Trilobites are one of the FIRST fossils to exist on the "geologic column" makes it especially difficult for the evolutionist to explain how such a COMPLEX eye could have evolved FIRST. Another little clay repleca you could make would be a dinosaur footprint overlapping a HUMAN footprint. Several of these have been discovered worldwide. Evolutionist's will have a difficult time explaining how dinosaurs and man could have existed TOGETHER if their theory says dinosaurs went extinct billions of years before man appeared. There are MANY such things you could include in your display. If this idea is of interest to you... and ... If you have trouble finding more, just email me and i can give you several more. Pictures added are of trilobite eye showing its complexity and a dinosaur and human footprint.


I'm not expecting to convince Framistan, but I have to point out that an exhibit based only on the evidence/arguments cited here would be a losing one. If you're going to try to go this route, do ALL the research to get the arguments and counterarguments rather than assuming that anything is unanswerable just because one side asserts it must be.

No worry about convincing Framistan. I think it's wonderfully delightful that he's not proposing actual real evidence to support his hypothesis, but rather fakery and hoaxes. Seems rather appropriate.

Explaining *why* it's fakery and hoax (and some honest confusion when people don't understand as much as they think they do) would be a big project, but might be an interesting one.

I'm still tremendously disappointed I wasn't able to get to the auction that was held when one creationist museum shut down. Along with a lot of questionable stuff, they had some beautiful genuine specimens and some museum-quality replicas, along with some very pretty furnishings. They'd put a lot of work and money into making their argument more convincing; I was almost sorry for them.

Start by browsing here.

Is there an archive or record of past winners?  Is there a theme?  Or maybe an obvious gap?

Play to your strengths - what making skills have you got that could become a project (soldering? Make a robot.  Green thumbs?  Solve world hunger).

Go topical - what science topics crop up a lot in the local news or gossip?  Is there a wind farm proposed for nearby?  Investigate its efficiency.

Go political - do you know who the judges are?  Find out their favourite subjects and go that way.

Get the old Scientific American "Amateur Scientist" CDs and look for ideas. Credit the original in your work, and rework with modern ideas.



7 years ago

Build your own laser from scratch!

There are lots of books with science fair project ideas; hit your library.

Or ask your science teacher for suggestions.

(I don't feel comfortable answering this question; if I hand you an idea, that's unfair to all the kids who didn't ask.)