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Scrabble Keyboard Answered

A custom keyboard made from Scrabble tiles. Sweet to see that the craftsmanship extends well beyond just having the tiles as buttons and the overall piece is great to behold.

via Gizmodo


did you make your numbers because they are too bold ; > (Peinguin is watching you closely-and winking)

Did you read the posting at all? Fungus didn't make this himself (or he would have created an Instructable, not a forum topic). He was passing on a Link found via Gizmodo.

I did that part went unseen like a peinguin on a keyboard

Hahaha, that is actually pretty clever

WHAT? that's so freaking awesome! x_X

I have to say one brilliant idea :)

Woooo tripple letter score ! xxxxxxxxxxxx < mega points

Have you ever played toroidal Scrabble? A triple triple is devastating....

I really like this one. I wonder how hard it would be to make one of my own, I'm sure my father would use it. That man practically raised me on Scrabble.

The best part of all, it's a Mac keyboard!

Don't you mean worst? xD

Shirley, I jest.

Wow Shirley seems pretty mean. Calling you and all that.

I haven't been calling you, and my name is not Shirley!


9 years ago

I love craftsmanship like this. Seems very much like something a Mac user would do, all about the form.

Ive been waiting for one of these...

i dont reckon what it attemps to look like but yet its cool i'd like to see a ceramic version of it too !

could use a little lacquer

I just saw this, too. It's really cool!