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Screen printing - Should I use paint or ink? Answered

 I will be printing identification and logo on steel newspaper racks that have been painted with a 25 year exterior latex paint. Is it realistic to expect good results using paint or ink? If the answer is ink, what type?



3 years ago

hello im using a silk screen to print on to a tee shirt but don't no which type of paint to use as i what it to leave a confutable surface any help ??

Paint is going to be just fine, for better adhesion just sand the area very lightly first (with 400 or higher grit) and better yet come back and spray it with a shot of matte clear enamel or polyurethane, contrary to what everyone thinks you can put oil based on top of latex and the other way around if the surfaces are prepared correctly (clean of dirt, oil, and lightly sanded). What are you using to print with? A theromfax screen or a real silk screen?

If you're printing to a latex-painted base, using a comparable latex paint would probably be the safest bet for adhesion, but you'd have to make sure to rinse the screens frequently to prevent clogging, especially if you're working in a hot environment.
Personally, I think Kiteman's stencil & spray paint idea would be a better choice unless these is a compelling reason to use screens instead.

Wouldn't it be easier to spray-paint through a stencil?