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Script I Wrote Answered

This is a script i wrote for my graphic design class for a video project im doing. this is the first time me doing this. i didnt give the actors names because i wanted it to relate to people wathcing it and say "oh that sounds like me..." I was wantting to make something emotional that would motivate people to keep pushing on even when times are hard.( i will have pictures of story board up latter) hope u enjoy it :D

By: Nick Melinich

Female Actress
*(voice spoken in her head, not out loud. More the actress talks, the more emotional she gets. By the end of her line, the actress will be sitting with her knees pressed into her chest, arms wrapped around her legs (like she is hugging for comfort), and lower part of her face buried in-between her knees, back facing the door, on the ground crying .Monolog show what the actress is experiencing, like getting bullied/ getting bad grades/ sleeping at the her desk/ and feeling alone.)*
“I can’t… take this anymore… everyday just gets harder and harder… bad grades … no one to talk to…getting picked on……. Feeling alone… I can hardly sleep anymore, my new bed had become the desk im at, and my pillow is a cold hard text book… I feel like im losing control, my life is just slowly slipping through my fingers… when I attempted to stretch my hands to its full extent, deep into this dark abyss. Trying to grasp motivation/hope/happiness…no matter how much I try… I always to come out with a handful of disappointment… what’s the point anymore… in coming to school… im just set to fail anyways… no matter what…”

Actor Enters the Room
*shot will show the actress in the middle of the “year book” floor with her back towards the door, sitting (like in previous scene). Camera is eye leveled with her. Actress looks like she hit “rock bottom” with hair messed up on one side. Actor creeps in slowly to check on the actress. When the door clicks behind him the actress will be startled by it and jump and turn around to face the actor*

“Hey… are you all right?”

*turns and slowly walks away, arms folded*
“just go way…”

“no, you seem like you need someone to talk to”
“(pauses, shallow breath in to chest) I can’t do this anymore…” *sobs*

“do what?”
“(quiet, monotone voice) school/ all this work/grades/ life/ just everything…(slowly raises voice) its all just to much, I question why I even come in at all, there’s nothing to look forward to, there is no one I can talk to, there is nothing for me… im alone… I give up!”
*goes back onto the floor, full face into knees, crying.*
“You’re not alone… im here, there are teachers here that care… you have friends that care, your surrounded by people that care and are willing to help… if you give up now, you will be throwing away all of the years that you have spent learning…  you wont be able to do anything with your life… and that is when you will be truly alone… even though the hard, challenging times. You have to keep pushing through, even though there is no sign of hope.”
*slowly turns towards actor*
“­your right…”

“don’t worry about it “
*walks up and hugs him*
“thank you so much”
*pulls away from hug, looks at her and smiles*
“do you want some help with your work?”

*wipes her face dry of tears and smiles back*
*Says in a sad tone, but more happily*
“(pauses) yes I would.”

Ending shot
*actor helps actress out with her over bearing work, and cheers the actress up and gives her that motivation to work again*


If you would plz leave a comment telling me your opinion, telling me what to work on or fix, ect.

The scene that you depict is a drama queen performing for a rare naif who does not recognize DQ as DQ. If that is what you want, the writing is fine.
If you want to depict someone experiencing an existential crisis or serious depression, then you need to go talk to some people and ask how that went. And pass your writing by them. Or read some case studies in professional psch journals and the like. Or even articles like "My Worst Moments"
The adage applies: Write what you know; so you may wish .to consider a change of subjects.

thanks, never really thought about doing that.

lol i know right, i had to keep it a min and PG-13 (cause im in high school), if i had it my way i would have had it to where she would have killed herself and then the actor would have said this at the end

“i wish she relized she wasnt alone… i was here, there were teachers here that care… you have friends that care, she was surrounded by people that care and are willing to help… but she couldnt take it anymore... she gave up..."

I wsh life were so simple