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Scrolling LED Sign on a T-Shirt? Answered

How would I go about making a scrolling LED message with LEDs in a shirt? I found the LilyPad arduino/conductive thread, so I have a start, but I don't really know what size it should be (height wise, I want it to wrap all the way around me). Any ideas?

I want it to sort of look like this, but less 'fancy'.



a guy just did it with a RGB 8*8 LED Display. Cause every LED has 3 colors he needs 4 connection per LED. Don't know how many of these 8*8 elements he will be able to control. If you stay monocrome, it will safe you a lot of headache.


Philips rents these shirts as well

That Lumalive would be awesome. Does anyone know what it would take to make one?

i would advise to use the new ArduinoMega, got lots of output ports, so you will need less shift register and it got more memory, you probably need loads.