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Sea urchins inspire pencil-tip sculptures Answered

Sculptor Jen Maestre's super-cool sculptures reportedly were initially inspired by sea urchins. The artist takes colored pencis, saws the sharpened tips off, and drills a hole through each one individually so they can be stitched together. Talk about dangerous art!

'''Link''' via the Daily Mail



8 years ago

Hey this is a master piece. i wanna have something like that in my living room. How much would it cost ?

Run you 3-5 thousand USD, according to the article. If you are seriously interesting in purchasing a piece I suggest you contact the artist directly. :)

i really want one, but i hope he can do special odders, because i want one custom made ( A sculpture of my dogs). I am willing to pay 5 k for it.

Ok, i contacted her she agreed to do it from me. But she is asking for 7 grand. Should i buy it ?

(You do know she means US$, don't you?)

Yes,...i do. Around 14 grand Fiji dollars is too much for that....Ill use it on something good.

If you can't think of something better to do with your 7 grand, then yes.

I really love it but i think 7 grand is too much for a simple art.

Well in that case, tell her that 5 grand (or whatever price is your maximum) is all you care to spend, and she can accept it or not. You're the one with the money here, so you're in control.

I asked her and she said it was too complex and that she has a set price of grand. Anways i think ijust get the lcd screen.

You could also get a laser cutter and set up another business! ;)

Wow! Those are cool!

Dang, when you said "The artist takes colored pencis, saws the sharpened tips off, and drills a hole through each one individually ...", I thought you meant down the length of the main part of the pencil, not through the side of the little bit. That's easy...

pencil tips... and erasers... why? ROFLCOPTERS!!!! cool!

good luck picking it up once you buy it (better buy in a good pair of gloves also)

Woo. What does the person do with the old tube?

That thought didnt even occur to me. I must be stupider then i thought.

You can probably get quite a few points out of a single pencil.

its the man made version of the cactus! lol.

Ouch. Those look... ouchy.

rills a hole through each one individually so they can be stitched together.
How does she get the last one on?

I don't know. I would just think when your on the lost point, there would be barely any room to stick it on.

That first one seems to have some Freudian ambiguity...

All art is Freudian. Haven't you gotten that from your art history courses yet? And don't get me started on that second picture, multiple yannic teeth and all...

There's an adjective I'm going to have to remember :) I played off someone accusing me of name-dropping (because I tended to use the name of my university rather than saying "at uni") with a gag I stole from an Indian comedy routine, that the word "uni" sounds like a rude word in Sanskrit :P and I assume the derivations are the same. I quite like the third one, it looks cute.

Yes, it's exactly that word, and I misspelled it. The correct spelling is "yonic."

I was contemplating arguing with your assertion that all art is Freudian, but than I saw the logo of Cobra from the up-coming GI Joe film. I'm not going to post it here but it's on a Google image search.

Either it's a subtle Giger homage or some graphic designer somewhere is having a laugh about that one... I refuse to believe no-one noticed.

I dunno what he was smoking, but it must have been some baaad stuff...(I was, coincidentally, just listening to an audio lecture that mentioned some of his ideas. Ugh. )

Not smoking, snorting. Freud was a cokehead.

Nut case? Yeah, nut case. Seriously disturbed, old Siggy was...

Man, you really need to see a doctor about that..

das cool

Hmmmm...I guess I just don't see the point...

They'd make the top of the list: "Items not to use as substitute toilet-paper".