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Sear Mechanisms Answered

I have tried to build a sear system on some of my guns, but it is so hard! I built one that kind of worked but couldn't fit on my new rifle that i just made (i might post but has a block trigger right now). Who knows how to build one of these sears, and is it really worth it? What if a block trigger just works better?


Can someone explain to me exactly what a sear system is? I thnk it's a trigger(right?)

ive been trying to add a sear trigger to my gun, but its not really working out. it there any other easy trigger types besides sear triggers and block triggers?

Here is a video of it. I don't know if it will work so be patient.

i built a sear!!!

I made the stock a little more sturdy, but it is still flexible. I am almost done with the rail.


10 years ago

Use my Inferno's trigger?

I love that mech, but now mine won't lock for some reason :(.

You have to be a member at Knex innovation hint hint

Sear mechanisms are harder to work than block triggers, but the gun looks goo, if you can make a true trigger block, then why not use that, it would hold more power and probably be more effective.

What is a sear mechanism? Btw Nice Gun Great Frame and everything.

Thank you and a sear mechanism is a kind of trigger that stops the firing pin or ram from the back rather than a block trigger which stops it from the front.

==O== Yeah those dont work too well with alot of rubber bands. Maybe it will work on this gun. I hope it does I wanna build it. :)

O and sryy for double post. Maybe you should add my scope to your gun. It looks like it will fit. :)