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Sear Systems Answered

I am just wondering, what are the advantages of sear systems? nightfox only said that they have superior advantages to block triggers. So what are they? Pic is the M4 carbine made by nightfox



8 years ago

Are there any SMALL sears guns out there? I know it would be hard but just wondering

Bballkidx made 2 sear system pistols. One of them even has a safety.

Ah wicked I'll check them out

I can only think of 2 disadvantages-very rare, and not that reliable

wow, I proved my own statement wrong.

Yeah, they are good.....I used one on my Steyr Aug A1, and it worked better than any block trigger I tried.

Very rare is not a disadvatage, and from what i've heard if you make a sear system correctly it is extremly reliible

There are limited options for sear systems at the moment, making it hard to find a decent one. True, but not even mepain can do a perfect job on the sear system. It takes a lucky design to do that....

Actually he can. And so can a lot of people. I've done it.

But nobody is posting them... I thought they were really good

That's because people like DJ Radio are going around saying, "not even mepain can do a perfect job on the sear system." So people think that it's impossible and they don't even try.

He has only posted one comment like that...

You're welcome He doesn't like you, does he?

Surely you can't say that at some point he hasn't annoyed you just a little bit?

id make some if I had more pieces. I have a good design atm in my head just not enough pieces.

I know he can, but some people have said his inferno's trigger is not reliable.

And some people have said that his inferno's trigger is very reliable. But that all depends on how you build it.

i will just stop arguing right now.

my shotgun's sear is pretty powerfull as long as you put enough rubber bands on the sear that depends on how much bands you have on the ram

first of all, we finished the convo. Second, we are not talking about power, we are talking about reliability.....

yeah the more rubber bands you put on it the more it holds so it's more reliable

Actually there are the same amount of, if not more, options for sear systems.

"Lucky designs", or skill? If you can do it, you can do it, and if you can't, you can't. I do wish we had a few more quality sear guns though.

that picture is of an m16 not an m4

sorry. forget i said it. i don't want to turn into a DJ radio

you know how dj wrecked his rep. i don't want to wreck mine

Some of them need counter rubber bands. - Disadvantage.

A rubber band that counters the force of the rubber band on the pin. To act as the trigger/sear. Like on knex pls crossbow, he has lots of bands to counter the main one, this acts as a trigger.

I'm fairly certain is that a finer pull is a major advantage (my gun has a really light pull), giving a more accurate shot.

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