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Search engine virus? Answered

Occasionally, when I try to click a link to a web page (especially links that have already been clicked on and are purple,) I will be redirected to a different (and often generic/unrecognized,) website. I have had issues with this virus on a different computer and want to know if anybody knows anything about it. As in the other computer, when I am redirected, the small website identifier image (to the left of the URL,) changed to a sort of bluish 2 with kind of a flourish to it. A name to the virus would be helpful and a way to destroy it would be even more so.



6 years ago

I had the same problem. Use malware ,dont use norton.

Is the engine Search qu?

I'd start by checking for malware running in your browser -- turn off or uninstall all browser plug-ins, especially non-original "search bars".

You may also want to look at the list of applications installed on your system as a whole. I've found that some of the annoyware that likes to pretend it was legitimate shows up in the standard Windows installed apps list, and can be removed from there -- though it may force you through multiple annoying "are you sure, would you rather install this instead, are you really sure" dialogs.

General reminder: If you don't know exactly what it does, and don't know exactly who it came from, DON'T install it no matter how much it claims to be a fix for another problem.


7 years ago

Yep, its possibly a redirecting malware program. Another trick they use is that they change your DNS number so your computer gets directed to the wrong web site. Most DNS # are set to automatic but that is not usually the best.

Follow my instructions in the answer that aelias36 mentions, that answer was just posted today.

Then after your sure its clean change your DNS # to the following

Primary #

Secondary #

These are special Highspeed DNS servers. They work better than the default ones you ISP provides you.

If you don't know how to change the #'s just ask and we can give you directions how.

Seems like malware...

Look here: