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Secret Pal Answered

So I was thinking, what if we managed to have a sort of secret pal each year around the holidays. Where there's is a random generator that picks names and is given out to each person. Then we would buy a gift for that person ship it off to wherever they live. But there would be a minimum and maximum so someone doesn't send a piece of paper or a laptop. Like $15-20. So what are your thoughts?


It's a nice idea, but postage would be a killer.

I'd rather see (since this is the season of goodwill etc) people Make something, and then sell it on ebay for charity, maybe somebody (not me) set up an ebay account that raises money for a community-nominated charity and 'iblers send their Makes to that person to be sold.

We'd definitely need a tighter knit community to pull that off. You could probably do that with your local instructablers, though.

One thing you COULD do is send a drawing of what you'd give as a gift if time and money were no object. It's a great present, and proof that sometimes it really is the thought that counts. We gave a bunch of drawings like that to a friend last night. It was a lot of fun!

Do you know what the res of the screen is rated for?

also figure in exchange rates too. would £20 be used just like $20? i would hate to ship something overseas. plus i couldnt afford to do this. i make about $40 a week. and spend half of my weeks pay on gas just so i can get to work the next week. throw that in with the fact that i like to eat, and im out of money. plus i would have other people to buy gifts for that i know... also figure that not everyone would like for thier names and addresses to be given to random people on the internet. it would be cool if it would all be figured out and if everyone could do it, but there would be alot of problems. the fact that the site is international would be the biggest.

You both are right. I was just trying to figure something out for the holidays. Anyways it's too late for this year so I have what 375ish days to think it over? :P

Well, if you collaborated with some of the people from this website, you could have everyone enter their names/emails. You submit your email, and adress and get someone else's adress, followed by a list of things they like. There would have to be a deadline. And for safety's reasons you would not be able to get their actual name.

It would probably be too much of a hassle to organize. Not that I don't support it, it is a great idea, it would just be pretty hard.

Yeah. I was thinking of some way to organize it. Maybe if there was like an Instructables convention and anyone who would be coming would be entered. But that's just even more of a hassle.

That'd had better be an ibook.

:D yes. It was quite challenging to make that his size and have an actual screen