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See Kiteman Chortle in Excitement... Answered

In case you haven't seen them, here is a video of me opening my shiny fresh deck of Instructables Cards.

Have you bought your deck yet?  Every sale goes towards an Instructables presence at the next UK Maker Faire.


Isn't the UK Maker Faire held in Newcastle? That could be rather convenient :)

I believe it is. Gmjhowe is (I think) organising that little jaunt.

Oh cool, well hopefully I'll be able to lend a hand, if I get the grades I'm off to Uni there in September, so we'll see next month :)

</huge bump of topic>

I needed AAB in Physics, Maths and Chemistry respectively, and luckily that's exactly what I got :)

[Sorry for the continuous bumping...]

Wow! Well done, you must have worked really hard to get those, I heard Chemistry A2 is massively difficult, I couldn't even hack it at AS.
So what course are you doing at Newcastle?

Thanks Kiteman, hopefully see you there sometime in March :)

NCL is great, I hope you do get the grades.


Cool, and you remembered me as you went through the cards...I am flattered. My presence in the forums has been subjected to may restrictions of late, so I wasn't sure if I was even "in the mix" anymore; except in a few rare cases. The video definitely made me chuckle though :-)

You are definitely in the mix. Think of yourself as one of those subtle spices - you may not always taste it in the curry, but you really notice its absence.

Oh, like part of a fine French dish that has no single overwhelming taste, but a subtle blend of many portions.....i.e. I don't stand out in a crowd LOL Just wait until I finish my Santa Clause machine.......

Buy the deck - once it a lifetime - might be worth above inflation when your kids are  liquidising your estate!


I keep forgetting to order mine...

Go. Now. Buy.

It's only a couple of clicks with PayPal.

Is this a new Photoshop contest?


I hate welder burns. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and what not while welding and got heatstroke. Weldburn or heatstroke? Tough call.